Although many people assume they only need estate planning if they are wealthy or have many properties, the truth is that estate planning is for anyone that has personal belongings and would like for them to go to certain individuals after their passing.   

That is why working with an experienced Florida estate planning attorney is critical in ensuring these wishes come to fruition. 

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What Does a Florida Estate Planning Attorney Do?

While a Florida estate planning lawyer handles various types of tasks, in general, they are there to ensure you have a solid, comprehensive, and legally binding plan for the future – one that will eliminate conflict, stress, and confusion following your death.

These legal professionals are also known to:

  • Prepare a plan that is customized to suit a person’s individual needs.
  • Provide legal advice when it comes to an individual’s specific situation.
  • Review laws that can affect a person’s estate plan and future decisions
  • Offer individuals the confidence they need that the decisions they make in regard to their estate are in line with federal and state laws.
  • Provide insight into appointing executors, fiduciaries, or other individuals that will handle a person’s estate after their death or incapacitation.

However, to know more about what a Florida estate planning lawyer can help you with, reach out to an experienced estate planning lawyer today to review your case and the legal options you have.

When You Might Need a Florida Estate Planning Attorney

While a Florida estate planning lawyer can help with many tasks involving your future, many people decide to reach out to these legal professionals when they:

  • Are married
  • Have a blended or large family
  • Have young children
  • Have family members with special needs
  • Own a family business or different types of investment properties
  • Want to create a trust or a Last Will and Testament 
  • Believe that loved ones may contest their Will
  • Have assets in other states or countries
  • Are worried about taxes in regard to their estate
  • Have significant assets worth more than $ 1 million
  • Want to leave a portion of their estate to charity

However, even if you do not have significant assets or children, but want to be more secure with what will happen to your assets after you are gone, consider reaching out to a skilled Florida estate planning lawyer to review your questions and get the answers you need.

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Although estate planning can be a sensitive topic, it is an important one to discuss. If not done correctly, it can even result in disastrous consequences. That is why if you want further information about creating an estate plan in Florida, or want more information about our legal team, contact The CYA Law Firm today to book a consultation with Attorney Adalbert “AL” Martinez. Let us give you peace of mind that you and your future are in good hands and that your estate plan will be executed according to your wishes.