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Florida Business Lawyer

Individual business owners may have organized sole proprietorships or LLCs or Corporations before opening their enterprises, but it is inevitable that all of them will need the services of a business lawyer after the creation of the business. Lease agreements, intellectual property, contracts, and bankruptcy are some of the most common legal issues that business owners seek out business attorneys to resolve. Also, individuals who buy and sell businesses, or work in mergers and acquisitions, will often need the assistance of a business lawyer. 

The CYA Law Firm in Florida helps business owners with many different legal disputes and issues. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge, expertise, and experience necessary to help businesses thrive amidst conflict and uncertainty. 

You Need Excellent Legal Representation to Protect Your Business

Business litigation is one of the most complex legal fields. Many different areas of law–such as contract, real property, and constitutional law–overlap when  it comes to the legal disputes that develop among business entities.

Business Litigation

Businesses must always be prepared to deal with litigation. Any business that holds itself out to the public is at risk of being sued by disgruntled customers, other business owners, or governmental entities. Another business may engage in copyright infringement or patent infringement, and you may need to seek out an experienced business lawyer to file a complaint against the infringing party. We can help you and your business with all aspects of business litigation. 


Contracts are essential to all business organizations. Employment contracts, lease agreements, partnership agreements, and many other types of contracts may play a role in the growth and development of your business. We can draft contracts, review ambiguous provisions, and enforce contract terms. If you are a buyer or seller we can make sure that you enforce the rights set out in the Uniform Commercial Code. Contract disputes can be complicated, and many specific provisions of the uniform commercial code may apply to you and your business. It is important to seek the assistance of a Florida business lawyer early on because time restrictions and deadlines can affect the legal options available to you. 

Employment Law 

We can help you with legal issues and disputes related to employment law. You may have issues related to your own employees, or you may want to know how you can protect yourself from employment law violations. We can help you build resources for your business that will help you retain employees and reduce the likelihood of employment disputes arising in the first place. Understanding federal employment laws can help you protect yourself from potential lawsuits and constitutional violations. 

Business Bankruptcy 

Debt is a common element of any business organization. Managing debt can be overwhelming for some business owners, but many options exist to make debt management less overwhelming. A skilled Florida business lawyer can help you protect the future of your business by helping you understand the many legal options you have for both managing and reducing debt. Whether you need to lower interest rates, or recapitalize, we can help you handle your business debt.

Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting your business means more than simply making sure you do not get in trouble with regulatory agencies. You need to make sure that you understand the details of intellectual property law so you do not lose time or money to an infringing competitor. Patent law and copyright law are two of the most important aspects of intellectual property protection in Florida. Also, you may need the assistance of a business lawyer to protect trademarks associated with your business. Business attorney Adalbert Martinez at CYA Law Firm can help you enforce your patents, copyrights, and trademarks. 

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If you are a relatively new business owner you may have underestimated how many different areas of the law affect your business. The Florida business lawyer Adalbert Martinez at CYA Law Firm are here to provide you and your business organization with exceptional legal representation. Whether you recently formed a sole proprietorship, or you have been an officer in a corporation that you formed with other business partners, we can help assist you with your legal disputes. Contact CYA Law Firm in Florida today to book a consultation. 

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